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This is really just filler, something to look at while we kick the tires of this site.

In Season One, the Amateurs included Lily, a novice rogue of dark, elven descent; Ario, a fop and a fool with a hat and a lute; and Dennig, who was either a farmer or a turnip. Dennig soon gave up the adventuring life for a quiet parish of his own and a fresh convert from the western seacoast took his place: Leifor of Aalor, and with him came Lily's half-sister the half-human and half-human Navia, a dirty-fighting cavalry regular in the Duke's Guard. Their adventures this season focused mainly on graves and robbers thereof. This theme would never leave them for long, and would return, all grown up, in Season Four. Oh no, how could I forget Shin the Nin? He died.

Season Two found them still  bash about in graves, tombs, and sepulchers of every sort—this time the hallowed graves of a forgotten king and his adamantine sword Merthuvial. Shin followed them around as a ghost.

By Season Three they were already old hands at hacking their way through the Underdark—which made the Underdark-centirc nature of Season Four rather stale, but I digress. They may have briefly met a wizard called Xott who fell to his death in a pit full of roaches. They certainly met an evil, black-armored warlord called Margraknor. He died. He came back, but the Light of Pelor blew him to dusty bits on the wind. He was laid to rest with his cursespewing sword. Somewhere in here a secretive wizard joined their party.

I'm not so sure what season it is currently. I'll have to check my notes. There was the Quest of the Serpent Towers, that should be a season on its own, and it would be Season Four. That would make this Empire of the Ghouls business Season Five. Well, at least we know there won't be any Season Six. Who wants to see the wizard go all evil and black-eyed anyway?


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