St. Leifor

Radiant Servant of Pelor


Leifor of Aalor, Radiant Servant of Pelor

Male Human Cleric 6/RSP 4
NG Medium Humanoid
Init -1; Senses Listen +3, Spot +3
Languages Common, Celestial, Infernal   2 action points

AC 22 (-1 Dex, +8 armor, +3 shield, +1 deflection, +1 natural), touch 11,flat-footed 22
hp 52 (10 HD)
Fort +11, Ref +3, Will +14

Speed 20
Melee Marthuvial +10/+5 (1d8+3) 19-20/x2
Special Weapon Properties: Adamantine, Detect Thoughts 1/day, Reroll diplomacy 1/day
Lesser Restoration 3/day, Unseen Servant always on
Base Atk +7/+2; Grp +9
Combat gear: 3 holy water, 2 potion water breathing, 1 potion owl's wisdom, 2 scroll silence, 1 scroll sending, 1 scroll bear's endurance

Str 15, Dex 8, Con 13, Int 12, Wis 17, Cha 16
Feats: Improved Turning, Extra Turning, Exalted Turning (ED), Nimbus of Light (ED), Holy Radiance (ED)
Skills: Concentration +15, Diplomacy +16 (+19 if good), Handle Animal +4, Heal +10 (+12 to stabalize), Knowledge (Religion) +12, Sense Motive +5 (+7 if good), Spellcraft +5

Magic Item powers:
Healing Belt 3 charges/day
Quicksilver Boots 2 charges/day swift action move move speed w/ concealment

Special Powers:
Radiance: Spells with the light descriptor's ranges are Doubled
Empower Domain: All healing domain spells are treated with the empower spell metamagic feat.
Immune to All Diseases
Aura of Warding: Adjacent allies get +2 to will saves
Aegis Invioble: Shield can serve as holy symbol
Nimbus of light: Surrounded by a soft light in the form of an aura or a halo
Holy Radiance: Can extend light nimbus out to a wider range, dealing damage to undead and evil ousiders (ED)
Turning the Undead
-turns as a 10th lvl Cleric
-DC 22 to resist fear effect
-10d6+6 damage

Bag of Holding
Sp. Sun Disk of Pelor
50 ft rope, 50 ft Spidersilk Rope
Silver Handaxe of the Water Guardian
Sacred Text
King's Crown

Sun/Healing Domain

Spells prepared  (CL 10 (11 casting healing spells), +6 ranged touch, DC 13 + spell level)
~ 5th – Righteous Wrath of the Faithful (SC), Domain: Flame Strike
~ 4th – Divine Power (PH), Panacea (SC), Domain: Cure Critical Wounds
~ 3rd – Daylight (PH), Hammer of Righteousness x2(ED), Celestial Aspect (ED), Domain: Searing light
~ 2nd – Close Wounds (SC), Turn Anathema X2 (CC), Stabilize, Know Vulnerabilities, Spiritual Weapon, Domain: Heat Metal
~ 1st – Remove Fear x2, Inhibit, Ray of Hope, Shield of Faith, Cure light Wounds x2, Domain: Endure Elements
~ 0 – detect magic, cure minor wounds, Light, Create Water, Purify Food and Water


Leifor and Denig, as childhood friends, were inseperable.  Denig, always dreaming but never very bright, aspired to the lofty goals of one day fighting for good and righteousness.  Leifor, however, was a greedy and insufferable child.  He was always coming up with schemes to con the other children out of their money so he could buy the best clothes and food. How they had become such fast friends no one knows. 

At 18, Denig had already become a preist-in-training for the Church of Pelor.  Leifor was about to enter school to become a tradesman. His many years with Denig had softened the young man, making him kind and wise beyond his years, though retaining his love of money.  The two were spending their last summer together, doing odd jobs throughout the countryside to fund their travel expenses to Specularum.  On a ten mile trek to their next job, they happened upon an overturned wagon, hearing screams in the distance.  The two ran to help, discovering a family being attacked by zombies…the living dead.  They were two late to help the parents, watching them being torn apart before their very eyes.  Leifor watched helpless as they turned upon the children – a boy and a girl.  Simple Denig stood true though.  Pulling out his wooden sun disk, Denig commanded the undead to cry off in the name of Pelor.  A shining light radiated from the sun disk, and with great effort Denig was able to turn the undead away.

Leifor stood, amazed, mouth agape.  The feeling of relief that flooded his body at the safety of the children, the way they looked at Denig with shocked admiration…this was what life was all about.  Not money, or nice things, or influential people, but doing good in the world.  Not an hour later, after the children had been put in safe hands, did Leifor tell Denig.  He was going to abandon his life as a tradesman and join Denig in study to become clerics of Pelor.  Denig was overjoyed. 

Through the next five years the two studied hard.  Denig excelled at battle with the mace, but was slow to learn his book studies.  Leifor could rarely beat Denig in single sparing, instead developing a steadfast defense and a silvered tongue at diplomacy.  He devoted the most rigorous study, however, to the destruction of the undead.  He seemed to have a natural talent, almost as if he were given a greater command of deific magic by Pelor himself. Leifor was made a full Cleric of Pelor a year earlier than Denig.

After they were sanctified by the Church, the two worked as a team, doing missions for the church and spreading good throughout the land.  Years passed and their talents grew.  Eventually Denig was dispatched by the church to a group of adventurers who needed help investigating a problem.  The adventurers were a rumored outlaw, a greatsword wielding warrior woman, and a fopish singing fool…an unlikely band of amatures. 

Denig returned a week later, asking to speak to Leifor. "Leifor," he said, "my companions and I have uncovered the true cause of our mission…undead!  And I fear that their evil goes much further than any of us guess.  I am not a prideful man.  I know that we are equal in many things, but to matters of the undead you are clearly the expert.  I believe that you should take my place with these good (but often misguided) adventurers.  They have a higher chance of success…of surviving with you."

Leifor clapped his hand on the shoulder of his childhood friend. "Denig…friend…were you to ask me to go to the very lair of the Vampire King himself for you, I would.  I will take this mission for you and for the Church, and will keep these good people you speak of safe."

And so, Leifor, Cleric of Pelor, set off for Kingsholm, not knowing the true depth of the evil he would face, or the goodness of the friends he would encounter.

St. Leifor

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