Lily "Half-Drow" Miera

Not half-drow


Lillith Meira (Lily) rogue 10
CG humanoid
init +7 senses listen +8 spot +7
languages common, elven, undercommon

AC 18 armor +5 dex +3 TAC 13 can't be caught flat-footed
HP 42 (10 hd)
Fort +3 Ref +10 Will +5

Speed 30 ft
weapons: organ ripper +12/+7 1d4+3 19-20 crit x2
special properties: +1d6 damage to helpless foe and least crystal of life drinking gain 1 hp upon dealing damage
master work composite long bow(str+2) +11/+6 1d8+2×3 crit
B.A.B. +7/+2 grapple +9
combat options: sneak attack +5d6
combat gear: wand of phantom threat SC 157 18 charges (DC 15), wand of snake's swiftness SC 193 49 charges, wand of magic missile lv 5 PH 251 47 charges, eternal wand of ice bolt (2d6 piercing 1d6+7 cold, ranged touch attack)no page number on this one it's out of one of your modules, scroll of spider climb PH 283, scroll of vampiric touch PH 298 , 4 potions of cure light wounds PH 215, 2 potions of invisiblity PH 245, potion of displacement PH 225, necklace of fireballs III DMG 263

str 15 dex 17 con 11 int 13 wis 15 cha 10
feats: improved inititve PH 96, Dodge PH 93, Mobility PH 98, Supernatural Strike EG Mod., Spring Attack PH 100, weapon focus (dagger) PH 102
Rogue abilities: trapfinding, improved uncanny dodge, trapsense +2 bleeding attack (1 bleed per sneak attack die)
skills: bluff +8, climb +6, decipher script +5, diplomacy +4, disable device +10, disguise +20 forgery +7, hide +13, jump +10, knowlege (underdark) +2, move silently +20, open lock +18, search +8, sense motive +7, sleight of hand +8 use magic device +13

magic items
scout's headband MIC 132 (equipped)
hat of disguise DMG 258
Hand of the Mage DMG 258
Silent Rat brooch BRL 62 (equipped)
Gloves of Dexterity +2 DMG 257 (equipped)
boots of elvenkind DMG 250 (equipped)
Greatreach Bracers MIC 108 (equipped) reach +10 ft 3/day

other abilities
minor magic (read magic) 2/day
major magic (magic missile lv 5) 2/day

scroll of touch of idiocy
masterwork theives' tools
30 ft rope
magic bedroll
5 pages parchment
2 vials ink
7 pints oil
glowing orb
crystal of adamant armor
pelor signet ring
2 diamonds
diamond necklace
wooden st cuthburt's cross


Lily and Navia's mother, Miadel, was engaged to an Elven warrior by the name of Aust the Valiant. One month before their wedding Aust was called to battle. Aust and Miadel both understood that he might not return and because of this against the customs of his people Aust and Miadel consumated their love the night he was to leave. 

As feared, Aust did not return, but Miadel would always have a part of him with her for from their union a child was born this child was named Lillith after Aust's mother. Miadel found it unbearable to stay in the elven city because of the memories she had there and so moved to Specularum the City of Glass.

After a few years, when the pain of losing Aust had lessened, Miadel allowed herself to find solace in the company of another man, a blacksmith by the name of Corbin. Corbin was a truely remarkable man, kind in heart and soft in manner and above all willing to help raise Miadel's half-bread daughter, who eventially took to calling him father.

When Lillith was seven, Miadel bore a daughter to Corbin. She was named Navia in honor of Miadel's own mother. Lillith loved her sister and spoiled her even more than their parents did. By Navia's teen years, she and Lillith were close in maturity. Lillith would be a child for quite sometime due to her elven blood and the extra years it bestowed.

When Navia went to the school for warriors, Lillith took off in search of her elven side, somehow finding herself in a drow city in the underdark.

Lily "Half-Drow" Miera

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