Navia "Hot-Pants" Miera


Navia Miera

Female Human Fighter 7/Griffon Knight 3
CN Medium Humanoid
Init +6; Senses Listen -2, Spot +4
Languages Common

AC 22 (+2 Dex, +9 armor, +1 deflection), touch 13, flat-footed 20
hp 83 (10 HD) Acid resist 10
Fort +12, Ref +8, Will +4

Speed 20
Melee Magic +2 Greatsword +17/+12 2d6+7 (17-20/x2)
Mounted Lance +15/+10 1d8+3 Reach, x2 dmg on charge
Ranged Magic +1 Composite Longbow (+3 str) +14/+9 1d8+4
Base Atk +10/+5 (+1 class griffon bonus); Grp +13
Atk Options: Power Attack, dirting fighting (+1d4 dmg on full attack), magic quiver,
Combat gear 40 arrows, potion keen edge, potion bull's strength, Oil magic weapon x4, 2 cure mod wounds

Str 16, Dex 14, Con 13, Int 10, Wis 7, Cha 11
Feats: Improved initiative, weapon focus greatsword, weapon specialization greatsword, dirty fighting, mounted combat, animal affinity, power attack, improved critical (greatsword)
Skills: climb +0, handle animal +10, intimidate +8, jump +0, ride +19, spot +4

Special Abilities
Rubicon of Frenzy: when hp<50%, +1 to weapon damage and saves vs fear
Brute gauntlets: 3 charges/day +2/+3/+4 to str 1 round
Red boots: move over difficult terrain at normal speed


Male Griffon Warbeast
N Large Beast
Init +2 (or on rider's initiative); Senses Listen +8, Spot +13
Languages None

AC 21 (+2 Dex, -1 size, +4 armor, +6 natural), touch 11, flat-footed 19
hp 76
Fort +10, Ref +8, Will +6

Speed Encumbered: (30 ground/70 fly) Normal: (40 ground/90 fly)
Bite +13 2d6+5
2 claws +10 1d4+2 each
2 rake +10 1d6+2 each
Base Atk +8; Grp +17
Atk Options: Fly-by attack, Pounce (when charging, 5 attacks)

Str 21, Dex 15, Con 19, Int 5, Wis 15, Cha 8
Feats: Combative mount, fly-by attack
Skills: Hide -2, Jump +9, Listen +8, Spot +13

Special Abilities
Darkvision 60 ft


Named for her maternal grandmother, Navia Miera is a native to the area surrounding the great city of Specularum. She is the daughter of Corbin, a blacksmith, and his wife Miadel, and is the younger half-sister of Lillith, the half-elf.

Miadel was once engaged to an Elven warrior by the name of Aust, but his death in battle left the young woman alone with a newborn daughter, Lily. It was a few years before Miadel sought a companion to be a father for her child. Corbin took Lily into his heart as he would have his own child, and the girl soon gave Corbin the name of ‘father.'

Navia was born when Lily was seven years old. She was loved and cared for dearly by her parents, but it was Lily who lay the most tender care and praise upon the girl. They were very close as they grew up, leaning on each other when others might cry to a parent. Lily was like a second mother to the young Navia, taking the young girl's safety and well-being to heart.

Because of her Elven blood, Lily aged at a slower rate than her younger sister, and by the time that Navia was in her early teens, they appeared to be twins, rather than separated by seven years.

At the age of fourteen, Navia, now bigger than her sister, witnessed a parade of Specularum's Cavalry passing by her home, and she realized that that was what she wanted out of her life. Her mother insisted that this was not the role of a woman, but Corbin had long known that his daughter was different from other girls. She had always been the tallest, fastest, strongest of her peers, always the one to break up fights between school boys, and never the one to start them. At that age, she was a peace-keeper at heart, and wished only to defend her homeland.

At fifteen she went away to warrior school and spent almost four years under the tutelage of sword masters and martial artists. Upon completion of her training, she returned home and learned of Lily's own mission of discovery into the Underdark, searching for her Elven lineage.<BR><BR>The sisters set off together into the great world and eventually joined with Shin the rogue, and Leifor the Cleric of the Light. Following Shin's accidental death, and his spirit's haunting of the troupe, they set off on a quest to restore their friend to his former body. This quest sent them into distant depths of the earth, ultimately to the final resting place of a great king, the victim of a bloody betrayal. This king sent the crew on a quest to right the wrongs against him, and they set forth into the Underdark searching for she that desecrated his tomb and stole his bones…

Navia "Hot-Pants" Miera

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